Presidency of Polytechnic University Provides Job Opportunities for the Graduates

Post date: Aug 28, 2015 7:25:51 PM

Since the youth are the main pillar of any society we have to urge them to work in sectors that are commensurate with their abilities and their terms of reference , we are confident that young people are the potential energy of the community and play a major role in its developmentThus Sulaimani Polytechnic University confirmed its commitment to provide job opportunities for the graduates of the colleges and institutes affiliated either in the private or public sectors, indicating that it continues to build an integrated database for graduates and all production sectors of the government as well as private sectors, in cooperation with the relevant authorities to take advantage of them in it. Directorate of Training and Job Creation in the presidency of SPU,Mrs. Bnaz Nuri Rashid , said that the presidency of the university keens to provide suitable job opportunities for graduates of colleges and institutes in various fields ," noting that there are " numerous contacts with the public and private sectors and the relevant authorities ,such as Sulaimani Chamber of Commerce and Industry, urging them to set university graduates and take advantage of their specialties , as well as building an integrated database for graduates and departments or companies and other entities where jobs are available .

Mrs. Banaz added, that the Directorate had already "agreed with Farouk Medical Hospital in Sulaimani,to train number of students of the Medical Department including (Community health , nursing , physical therapy , anesthesia ,Rays , analysis of diseases , obstetrics and gynecology and dental health ) in preparation for selecting a group of them to work in the mentioned hospital . "indicating that the directorate" organized a workshop for 41 of those students, in the presidency of the SPU , with the participation of trainers, Sarkhell Sirwan and Rang Hamid Majid, as well as Director of health and safety Mr.Faisal Abdullah, to inform them of employment opportunities available to them and ways of applying for them properly”

She also explained that the workshop included ,methods of applying for jobs, fill out the application form and the C.V, the proper style in conducting the interview, and legal status to work in the private sector presented by Mr.Ari Abbas as well as methods of dealing with customers , procedures for safety and prevention of infectious diseases and viruses for workers in hospitals , and other related matters " , pointing out that the response of the participants in the workshop was good through their interaction with the lecturers and questions forward by them.