CDC Mission Statement

    • CDC - SPU support students and alumni as they transform their passions, education, and skills into purposeful career paths by teaching lifelong career development strategies and by connecting our diverse students, alumni, and employers.

    • Committed to assisting students with making connections between their academic experience and career paths.

    • Provide career-related counselling, resources, and programs to help individuals clarify academic and career goals, establish career plans, develop job-search skills, and make successful career transitions. We build relationships with alumni, employers, and graduate schools to optimize internship, job, and career opportunities while also creating strategic partnerships with campus departments to assist students in developing and articulating co-curricular experiences that will help to ensure they are competitive in their future pursuits.

    • Educates, engages, and empower students and members of the SPU community in their discovery of purpose and their achievement of goals through discernment of emotional-social values, interests and skills regarding academic and intellectual development, and career and life choices.

    • Find job opportunity for Alumni students

    • find a workplace for internship students

Core Values

    • We are committed to educating students and alumni through the use of personalized and innovative services, resources and technology, empowering them to make successful academic and purposeful career-related decisions to become talented professionals and positive contributors to society.

    • We want to become the bridge between Alumni, Students and Internship and Companies

    • We are committed to maintaining and fostering partnerships with employers, the academic community, and other university constituents, through providing information, programs, and outreach opportunities.

    • We value and serve the needs of a diverse community seeking career-related information and experience, and are committed to providing exceptional service in a welcoming, respectful environment.

    • We recognize the importance of systematic assessment to guide continuous improvement efforts and evidence-based decision making.

    • We pursue healthy and productive working relationships with our co-workers through open communication, mutual respect and consideration, and teamwork.

    • Reaffirms and emphasizes the commitment to provide a comprehensive resource for all students and alumni and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity sex, marital status, disability.